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Azi / Jun 18, 2019 / News

Obviously, we are a community who wants to conquer the upcoming content on the fresh starting Classic. We don't know much about the future servers or how many there are going to be, PvP, PvE, RP, but what we know is:The guild will be called <Te...

Azi / Jun 18, 2019 / News

We are Team Strugle, deal with it!A EU Horde guild, still not clear on which realm, created by old friends, living legends, prepared to rise and shine! Back in the days we were active players on the retail servers, when the Classic was the latest ...

Azi / Jun 18, 2019 / News

Greetings, traveler!Today we just launched our new website. Please feel free to share any recommendations in the comment section below or in the shoutbox.

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