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Who are you Struggling with?

Azi / Jun 18, 2019 / News
We are Team Strugle, deal with it!

A EU Horde guild, still not clear on which realm, created by old friends, living legends, prepared to rise and shine! Back in the days we were active players on the retail servers, when the Classic was the latest version and later on we transferred to the non-retail ones, running the same version of the game.

Team Strugle is a community of people who has survived rise and fall of numerous free 1.12 servers, and it regularly sees the return of former players who wish to rejoin the adventure.

Since its inception, the members of TS has left its mark on every server which they were playing on. Whether by claiming server first kills, setting speed run records, becoming High Warlords or taking a leading role in world boss battles and world PVP, Team Strugle makes its presence known.

Deal with it!
- Azi


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