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<Team Strugle> is now Hiring!

Azi / Jun 18, 2019 / News
Obviously, we are a community who wants to conquer the upcoming content on the fresh starting Classic. We don't know much about the future servers or how many there are going to be, PvP, PvE, RP, but what we know is:

The guild will be called <Team Strugle>, will be on the Horde side of a EU PvP realm and will focus on PvE.

It will be a very stable guild, with experienced leaders and the main focus of when it is first up and running is focusing on community within the guild. We'll be hosting many guild events along with guild dungeons throughout leveling.

We are looking to build a supporting and polite community we all can benefit from to create an accurate and fulfilling experience as what Vanilla used to be. Our main focus will lie in raiding the endgame content which doesn't imply we are only looking for well versed players who already know everything there is to Vanilla raiding. Our priority will also lie in bringing new and inexperienced players to be able to get into a healthy and assisting raiding environment and relive what WoW used to be.


Raid Times & Days - Will be decided via poll on our forum.

  • Semi-Hardcore PvE Guild.
  • Healthy community with a mix of both veterans and new players.
  • Everyone has a task once a week for about two hours where we farm materials for a smoother raiding experience.
  • Players contributing the most to the guild will get rewarded for doing so (Not raid loot).
  • Guild & Loot rules is located in the application form.


  • Even though Team Strugle is a PvE guild we like to have our fair bit of fun in PvP aswell
  • When raid recruitment is done and we have nothing to worry about we will schedule events for those interested, meaning premade BGs & WPvP!

Guild Rules

  • We don't tolerate toxic attitude
  • Help new players in the guild, don't feel obligated but try to help!
  • Ninja-looting will result in a permanent ban from Team Strugle.
  • We expect you to act mature and make a good first impression of Team Strugle
  • During raids, the raid leader has the final say, if you disagree then talk to him after the raid.
  • We don't tolerate drama in guild chat, take it to whispers.

How to join the guild?

  • Team Strugle Website Recruitment
  • Discord - If you have any questions we will be there :)
  • Social Invite - PM me on Reddit and I will send all information regarding the guild before launch and how you can join it.

- Azi


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