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WoW Classic Realm Names and Types.

Azi / Aug 11, 2019 / News
To all you Strugglers, finally, the realms were announced!

Attaching the original post from Blizzard forums here:

Starting at 00:01 CEST on Tuesday 13th August, players with an active subscription or game time on their World of Warcraft account can reserve their character names by creating up to three Classic characters. Please note that all of your characters on a PvP realm must be the same faction.

Before creating a character, you’ll choose the realm where you want to play that character. The following realms will be available:

Name Type Language
Golemagg PvP English
Hydraxian Waterlords RP English
Mirage Raceway Normal English
Pyrewood Village Normal English
Shazzrah PvP English
Zandalar Tribe RP-PvP English
Name Type Language
Auberdine Normal French
Sulfuron PvP French
Name Type Language
Everlook Normal German
Lucifron PvP German
Name Type Language
Хроми (Chromie) Normal Russian
Пламегор (Flamegor) PvP Russian

Relative realm population will be visible in-game to help in choosing a realm so you will see Low, Medium, or High in the realm selection screen. If there are high numbers of players congregating on individual realms during name reservation and character creation, we will post warnings about the potential for queues on those realms, giving you time to choose alternate realms. WoW Classic releases worldwide on Tuesday 27th August at 00:01 CEST.

- Azi


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