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Who are we?
We are Team Strugle and we are based on many years of experience in Vanilla WoW. We have been active for the last 8 years in Vanilla Private Servers, taking various roles, wide-ranging from Guild Master, through Officers, to R14 PvP Players, Class Leaders and etc, but as “Team Strugle” we are a new and fresh WoW Classic initiative.

What can we offer?
  • Experienced management;
  • Dedicated raid leading;
  • Ambitious objectives;
  • High results;
  • Solid structure;
  • Join us from the start;
  • Activity;
  • Wide community;
  • Events;

What is our vision?
Our vision is to create a gaming community, a wide network of roots in Classic WoW. A "home" where we value social as much as the results we deliver.

Please find the specific requirements for our ranks below:

  • PvE Objectives:
Our goal in PVE is nothing short of being among the best, we have an elitist approach to that part of the guild. We have high expectations for our raiders, staff and guild image! Speed ​clear, World bosses, theory crafting are some of the few things we value.

  • PvP Objectives
Team Strugle supports ranking, as we want to be well represented in the PvP environment.

  • Social Objectives
We have a great desire to create something unique here, a place that you can feel at home in and appreciated. Whether you are a Raider or Social member of the guild, the common denominator is that "Team Strugle" is something we should be proud of and you as a player represent the guild's image as best we can! Annual events where it will be possible to meet the person behind the screen, which events will be held is something that will be decided in a broad collaboration with our members.

Guild structure:
  • Guild Master
  • Co-GM
  • Officer
  • Class Leader
  • Raid Leader
  • Core Raider
  • Raider
  • PVP
  • Member
  • Social
  • Trial
  • Alt

  • Server: EU PvP Gehennas Horde
  • Raid Times (Phase 1): Sunday: 19:30 - 23:00h CEST

An additional raid days will occur with the ​new content release.


Loot Distribution:
  • Loot Council