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Guild Policy

General construction:
  • You are among grown-ups, please also behave so.
  • Avoid drama. If you are dissatisfied, contact management.
  • Humor is welcome, but keep trolling to a minimum.
  • Expect everyone to treat each other with respect.
  • English only, sober tone in Guild chat & Discord.
  • We cherish our reputation and name! That is, you represent Team Strugle when you run dungeons and commit to the world. Think before you go shopping.
  • Ninja looting in any sense is unacceptable! This will result in a Guild kick.

  • You are active on our forum and are always updated with "Management Announcements" and "Guild Policy".
  • You use our forum at least once a week (1 post a week).
  • You are connected to our Discord server.
  • You are expected to notify management regarding vacations and longer offline times (offline more than one week).
  • Raiders with more than 10 days offline period without notice will be removed.
  • Socials with more than 30 days offline period without notice will also be removed.



  • You get all the world buffs available before the raid.
  • You have all class-specific consumables (elixirs, potions, oils & bottles, etc.) under progress. There will be a complete list on your class forum of what consumables are expected.
  • Pre-Raid BiS for the specs you use in PvE.
  • You say Yes / No to our raids & events.
  • You are on Discord listening focused throughout.
  • When you raid you are present and doing your best from start to finish. This also applies to trash.
  • If something important comes up during the raid, you send a message to the management.
  • At the World Bosses, you immediately stop what you are doing and rush to the current location. No exceptions!
  • You are a PvE spec when participating in raids unless you are told otherwise.

Core Raider
  • Attendance percentage of 100% or very close.
  • Top of his class.
  • Has delivered top performance over a long period.
  • Core has guaranteed the raid spot.

  • Attendance percentage of 80% or above.
  • Always deliver a good performance.
  • Is an example for our other ranks.
  • You must have a Warlock in over level 20 at one of the world bosses.
  • You understand the core has greater priority on the raid spot.

  • PvP rank is for people who are only PvPs.
  • At the end of their ranking period (12-14) Core & Raiders will have the opportunity NOT to participate in raids without affecting their attendance.

  • It is your responsibility to improve you and show what you are worth. We do what we can with guides and help to get you in the right direction.
  • You seek out information before the raid start, if there is something you do not know about the applicable content or otherwise.
  • You immerse yourself in your class, get into BiS gear, rotation, spec, etc.
  • You are open to criticism and self-reflective.
  • You agree that Core & Raiders have first priority in a raid spot.

  • You participate and invite other people to the guild.
  • You strive to create relationships.

Loot council rules:
Loot action in Team Strugle is council. Our council is based on many years of experience and our spreadsheet must, among other things, help to ensure the guild's loot distribution quality - we strive to be as "transparent" as possible.

Example of loot distribution in a raid:
X item drop, -> People link a current item in that slot -> Management agrees on which class to loot the current item. -> CL assess which player should have the applicable item -> If the management agrees with the distribution, the loot will be issued.

Players are rated on the following: Attendance, Performance, Current items, Consumables & World buffs, Loot history.
At World boss loot you will also be assessed on whether you have participated in scouting.

If a member deviates from the above guidelines, management will initiate a dialogue and assess the situation and deal with any problem.
If a problem with the same member repeatedly arises, it will be decided whether cooperation with the current member should continue.